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Round Table

How To Book

Before you can book the Minibus you will need to register as a driver. We will check your details, once validated you will receive an email with your login details. You can then Log In and book the Minibus.

Step 1
Log in - using your User Name and Password you will need to Log In before you book the Minibus by clicking on the "Book Now for Registered Drivers" Link.
Step 2
Choose a time & date - using our calendar, choose the slot you'd like to book the Minibus for, booking slots are as follows:

DAY = 8.00am to 5.00pm
EVE = 6.00pm to 11.30pm
FULL DAY = 8.00am to 11.30pm
Step 3
Book the Minibus - follow our easy-to-use booking flow to complete the booking.
Step 4
Pay the recommended donation - all you need to do now is pay the recommended donation using PayPal, and you're done! You'll get an email confirming everything is booked, and next steps for arranging to pick up the keys. The recommended donations are: Day- £35, Eve- £30, Full day- £40
Step 5
Collecting the Minibus - on collection of the Minibus please check for any dents, scuffs or scratches. Please document any damage by completing this downloadable Vehicle Checklist and emailing the checklist and photos to admin@roundtableminibus.com they must clearly identify position and actual damage to the Minibus. This will avoid any possible charges should the bus not be returned in the same condition it was collected in. Blank copies of the Vehicle Checklist will also be available in the drivers pack in the Minibus. A deposit will be required to cover the insurance excess of £150.00, a cheque must be provided at the time of collection of the minibus. This will be held securely and will be returned on safe return of the minibus.