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Round Table

Chiltern Hundreds Round Table offer a Community Minibus for use by local groups and organisations across the Chilterns and the South Bucks area.

Owned and maintained by the Chiltern Hundreds Round Table Charitable Trust, the 17-seater Minibus is a great way to keep costs down while making sure you have safe, reliable transport for your group members.

It is used by the local community and surrounding areas with the intention of positively impacting life in and around the Chilterns and South Bucks.

If you’d like to use the Chiltern Hundreds Round Table Minibus, the first step is to read the Policy and Terms and Conditions. If your organisation and proposed use are in line with these terms, the next step is to register as a driver. All drivers of the Minibus must be registered to drive the bus for insurance purposes.

We will need you to fill out the Driver’s Registration Form, by clicking on the "Register Now For All Drivers" link, once approved and validated we will need a copy of your Driving Licence to make sure you’re able to drive the bus.

Once we’ve got you set up as an approved driver, you can come back to the site, login with your user name and password provided, this will be sent to you, once approved, via an email. You can book the Minibus as often as you like - you can even now pay the recommended donation online.